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Coronet Industries, Inc.

About Coronet Industries —

Coronet Industries ceased operations in March 2004. However, the company's origins trace back to 1906, when the Coronet Phosphate Company began mining the phosphate rock deposits that are indigenous to central Florida.


While the mining operations stopped sometime in the mid-20th century, the 980-acre facility just south of Plant City continued as a manufacturer of Defluorinated Phosphate, a key nutritional supplement used by farmers to raise poultry, turkey, cattle and swine. The plant had the capacity to manufacture 250,000 tons of Defluorinated Phosphate annually.


Additionally, Coronet Industries then utilized a process to recover fluorine from making Defluorinated Phosphate and convert it into potassium fluoroborate or KBF 4. KBF 4 is used to make aluminum alloy commonly used in household products such as aluminum cans, aluminum foil and chrome wheels.

The company's facility includes the Plant City Golf Club - a 205-acre, 18-hole golf course.

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