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Coronet Submits Shutdown and Decommissioning Plan

Hillsborough County, Fla. (Feb. 13, 2004) - Coronet Industries, Inc. today announced that it has submitted a plan to state and federal regulators for facility shutdown and decommissioning. The plan outlines steps Coronet will take to cease operations at its manufacturing facility by March 31. Site assessment and rehabilitation will be addressed in subsequent plans.

“This plan provides a framework to make sure that applicable environmental regulations are followed as we go about the business of shutting down and decommissioning the plant,” said David Denner, Coronet chief executive officer. “We are working with the appropriate agencies to make sure the job is done right. This is a first step in a process toward rehabilitating the site in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Coronet's primary objectives in the plan include:

Ensuring protection of public health, safety and the environment throughout the process;

  • De-energizing the process equipment and controls;
  • Decommissioning the process equipment and related systems such as pipes and tanks; and,
  • Removing unused raw material, products and wastes from the site in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

The plan focuses on four key areas including: 1) site-wide housekeeping, security and access; 2) decommissioning procedures for production units and storage areas; 3) managing unused raw materials, product, wastes, process water and wastewater; and, 4) maintaining air quality standards. In addition, the plan outlines steps for community relations as well as a review of existing permits and governmental notification requirements.

During decommissioning, Coronet will take steps to minimize dust by applying water and gravel to primary driveways, by covering stockpiles as appropriate and by curtailing activities during high winds if necessary.

Coronet Industries, Inc. manufactures two products, Coronet Defluorinated Phosphate (CDP), a nutritional supplement for animal feed, and potassium fluoroborate (KBF4), which is used in the aluminum alloy and electronics industries.

or more information, please visit www.CoronetIndustries.com.

Dowload this Press Release as a PDF

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