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Scientific Studies Continue to Show No Significant Health Impact
CEO Says Facts Demonstrate Coronet Not the Cause of Adverse Health Effects 

Hillsborough County, Fla. (March 5, 2004) - With the release yesterday of the Florida Department of Health's report showing lower incidence rates of cancer in a 48-square mile area surrounding Coronet Industries, Inc., the company said today that an overwhelming body of health studies and related data shows no significant health impact in the area.

"There is now convincing data that demonstrates Coronet Industries is not to blame for any adverse health effects in the local community," said David Denner, chief executive officer. "I'm not suggesting that people have not experienced health problems. I am saying that, based on the facts established in all these studies, Coronet is not the cause of those health problems."

The company released a white paper highlighting multiple studies conducted by governmental agencies. The studies and findings include s (emphasis added):

  • Air testing - dusts/metals : ". . . results indicate that dust and metals are similar in concentrations to other areas of the county " (Hillsborough County EPC Update).
  • Air testing - gaseous hydrogen fluoride : ". . . we haven't found anything we attribute to Coronet Industries " (Hillsborough County EPC Air Management Division).
  • Cancer Incidence Rate Study : ". . . there was no statistically significant increase in the number of observed cancer case in (the) community adjacent to Coronet Industries . . ." (Florida Department of Health).
  • Resident's Roof Sample : "Microscopic examinations of these samples show that none of the material detected in the samples match . . . material from Coronet " (Hillsborough County EPC).
  • Soil Testing : "Results showed that local soils did not appear to be significantly impacted by dust fallout from Coronet, and that the soils were safe for residential areas for the 12 substances EPC tested" (Hillsborough County EPC).
  • Urine Testing : "The levels for all chemicals tested for came up so low that (officials) would not expect to see any illnesses associated with any of them" (Florida Department of Health).

"These studies continue to paint a very clear picture," said Denner. "The governmental agencies have done a thorough job in their work, and the findings fail to support any claim that Coronet Industries is the cause of any adverse health effect in the community. We understand that people may be sick, and we feel badly for those families. But, one fact is clear: Coronet is not the cause."

Coronet Industries, Inc. manufactures two products, Coronet Defluorinated Phosphate (CDP), a nutritional supplement for animal feed, and potassium fluoroborate (KBF4), which is used in the aluminum alloy and electronics industries. Coronet announced in January it would to cease operations by March 31, 2004 .

For more information, please visit www.CoronetIndustries.com.


Dowload this Press Release as a PDF

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